Kopen glass line was designed to promote the use of glass in the building and furniture industry thus making it a protagonist architectural element in entry door design.


Frosting, engraving, sandblasting and painting are all treatments able to give a more refined look to Kopen glasses, both aesthetically and in terms of light transmission and diffusion, by creating a range of decorative motifs and delicate textures which well integrate with all the different interior decorating styles and new trends.


The glass of Kopen entry door is mode up of an internal and external safety plate glass measuring 33.1, two middle plate glasses of 4 mm, and three air chambers, while the glass of the sidelights is made up of a double-chamber glass. Perfect uniformity and consistent quality mark out Kopen glass collection, with the guarantee of a solid product, bound to last.

Entry door glass

Fixed sidelight glass

Standard Glasses

Frosted White
VTC 003 J13

Frosted Bronze
VTC 003 J14

Frosted Smoked
VTC 003 J15

Glasses with Motifs

VTC 003 J16

VTC 003 J17



Points and lines rich in vitality roll on the glass spreading energy vibrations. Minimalism is intentional here to combine, without dominating, with the essential lines of contemporary design.

VTC 003 J18

VTC 003 J19



Matters, textures, atmospheres find new expressions through glass thanks to specific production techniques that modify their surface both visually and to the touch transforming them into a unique component for architecture and design.

VTC 003 J20



Technology and creativity for new motifs that leave a new mark on decor and decorate the entrance hall thanks to the delicacy of frostings and deep, precious engravings, further enhanced by the vivacity of the glaze.